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About Guardster

The Internet is an extremely useful tool for both personal and business purposes. As with any tool, it can be put to both good and bad uses. Among the good uses are inexpensive worldwide communications, information, shopping, conducting business and so on. Among the bad uses are the collection of information about which websites you visit, the security of your email / instant messages and the general lack of privacy that occurs on the Internet.

All people have the right to privacy in their affairs. In order to retain your privacy while connected to the Internet, you must be very careful how you travel through it. To help protect this right to privacy, we have created Guardster.

Guardster's mission is to protect your privacy rights whenever you access the Internet. Guardster does this by both providing the tools and the knowledge to preserve and protect your privacy.

Guardster accomplishes this by putting our software and services between you and the Internet and by encrypting your communications between your computer and our server. Lets say you wish to visit a website, say ebay.com:

*Note: Encryption between you and our servers is not available with the free proxy.

So what does your ISP see? Encrypted data. What does ebay see? Our IP address, not yours! Guardster has protected your privacy.

Guardster is headquarted and managed from Nevis. Nevis has strong privacy laws and is generally a good place to do business for those seeking maximum privacy.

Guardster's management team consists of legal and Internet privacy specialists.


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